Tuesday, 24 June 2008

So here's another installment of "if you cant draw a crowd..." Ive been slacking super hard on doing a new update. I still have a broken computer and I'm currently on the vans warped tour, where their is absolutely not any dick art of any kind anywhere. I find myself going from porta potty to porta potty in hopes of a sweet cock drawing, but all i find is a shot sense of smell from the backed up johns from little rocker/emo kids dumping all day. But anyways, i can always rely on my friends and b-roll has once again delivered some great european cocks. If you ever wondered what a "droopy dick" was, well then here it is. All that can be said is im sure that no man would ever want a dick like this. it kinda likes a balloon thing that a clown would make.
Its apparent what we have here, a wiener version of south parks Terrence and/or Phillip. Maybe the creators of south park Trey Park or Matt Stone actually drew up this while on some homo-erotic vacation over seas? Who knows the true origin of this beautiful cartoon fuck stick, but all i know is its fucking great.
Location: Somewhere In Europe
Artist: Unknown

Monday, 16 June 2008


I've never owned a car in my 27 years of life. But if I was to finally get a automobile?...it would definitely be "the cockcart". I mean, look at this beautiful vehicle. I bet it gets great gas mileage. I like to imagine myself as that little guy in the driver seat tearing ass up the 5 north to go party with friends. The only downside is that it's definitely a 1 seater. But I'm a genius and came up with a great idea: get some saddles and throw those things on neck/shaft of my cock cart and...BOO-YA!!! I can now drive my friends to party with me. But the real question is: Is the front hood/animal/cock head alive? Or is it just there for show? I guess we will never know since a car like this can only exist in my wildest dreams.

Something like this will for sure exist in the future. It wont be long 'til some crazy mad scientist will splice penis DNA with frog DNA and then this homo erotic amphibian will exist. Then I think the idea of licking toads to get high will drastically change in young white trash kids minds. I myself hope I never encounter such a creature as this. Venomous cum and a weird long sticky tongue coming from the pee hole to catch its bug prey. NOT COOL AT ALL!

Location: Portland, OR
Artist: Unknown
Submitted By: Azn Kristin

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ladies Lollipop.

I'm honestly speechless on this one. So much going on that my mind is drawing a blank on what to write. I think everyone just needs to stare at this and come up with their own funny comments. I mean there are like 20 pricks drawn on this table and there is even a little twat with a brown eye drawn up also. I'm sorry that I have nothing funny to say about this table of pork sticks and a pussy, it's just blown my mind to the point where I can't even think. But don't worry, I got a huge update coming this week and I will deliver! This was submitted by changexofxidea from the B9 board. Click the picture to see the full detail and glory of this true to form masterpiece.

Location: Fresno, Ca @ The Exit
Artist: Unknown