Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Dick Wall

I filmed this at a practice space in Buffalo, NY. Apparently they were drawn by juggalos. There's magic all up in this bitch.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Thug Life

I dont know if its a good or bad thing to be a thug with thug nutz. I guess it makes sense why their pants are so damn baggy and worn half off their asses.

Artist: Unknown
Location: Wein, Austria @ The Arena

Saturday, 6 March 2010

This next beauty was sent to me from my friend justice and he's in a little band called Trapped Under Ice. If you haven't heard em yet, then pull your head out of your asshole and check them out. Anyways I'm just gonna post what he had to say when he emailed me the picture.
"Backstage sonar in Baltimore. I consider it to be the Mecca of dick drawings. Also the TT van happened on the your they did with us in 08. We picked on some kid real bad in his sleep so the next morning he did that before we woke up. Hard"

I posted this a long time ago, but here's the Trash Talk cock justice was talking about.

Artist: Unknown
Location: 1. Baltimore, MD @ Sonar & 2. Trash Talks van

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Return

This is my first post in a REAL long time. I got real unmotivated and stopped touring, so it was kinda hard to keep adding pecker pictures. I'm too drunk and tired to write anything cool about these just fucking enjoy these bitches.

Location: Unknown
Artist: Unkown
Submitted by: Christopher "Boosti" Sorrenson

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Call The Office part 2

Well here's another part of the "Call The Office" series. That club was dick heaven for sure. But anyways, I'm not gonna type to much about each individual picture. Ill just let you use your imagination and make up your own funny descriptions. Now introducing the beef.

"Now that's a dick" other sentence could describe this any better.
Pretty self explanatory i must say. Its "SubmaPenis"
This is a repeat offender..."Dickasaurus Rex", my friend Amanda submitted one like this months ago. But it was drawn on a bathroom wall last time. Its now showing up on a couch arm. He had a friend drawn by him named "Tri-ceracocks". You will be blessed with that piece on a later post.

Artist: Unknown
Location: London, Ontario @ Call the office

Friday, 7 November 2008

Call The Office part 1

Its been a long fucking time since i last updated this! I had almost forgot i even had this blog anymore. So pretty much I've been busy with the whole tour business and haven't been finding any new cock art at clubs/bars/bathrooms, Until about 3 days ago in London, Ontario aka Canada. It was all at this venue called "Call The Office". I have so many photos, i cant add them all at once. So I'm gonna do the this in series of post. Here is the first batch, the first picture pretty much explains the venue...
A swastika in cock form with 4 dudes sucking on it. That's all i got to say about this picture. I don't really wanna ruin it with some stupid ass joke. So just suck it in for all its beauty and enjoy!
A poorly drawn cock man with a great side titty coming from the left.  I, myself wanted to add some cum/semen/jizz/man sauce squirting from the tip and landing on that firm tittay. But i didn't wanna ruin both pieces with my additions, cause i know if some asshole added to my be pissed.
This was placed perfectly above the toilet about head height and i was pretty offended. It made me actually look down at my dick to make sure it wasn't that small and puny. I was pleasantly surprised that i wasn't that petite, but not far from it. 
First off, This picture is being cut off by a mirror now. I'm assuming at one point in life it was not covered and ruined. I mean seriously a fucking schlong cumming bacon and a omelet! Once again only in my dreams could i be gifted with such a super power. The ability to jizz up my breakfast. Imagine waking up with morning wood and tossing up a J O session and shooting out bacon and a omelet onto a plate. Only problem is the pain of cumming those tasty treats. Hopefully the super power would include painless ejaculation or else it would be the most painful thing ever, but after the pain you'd have a amazing breakfast.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Zipper Rippers

First and foremost, Id like you to go check out my good friend Martin Stewart's blog called Gutter Magic. We just did a blog Collab for both our blogs. so go check it out! Now on with the cock art! What we have here is either a ancient sea beast/dinosaur or a look into the future of evolution. Either way it scares the fuck out of me. Imagine a ocean full of these prick predators, i myself would not like that at all. That is truly what nightmares are made of. This was submitted by a Nicholas Bua. Thank you very much sir.
Wow, this is a very racial and controversial piece of art here OR is it just the TRUTH. A definite long running myth though. How convenient that it was submitted by a azn.
This is what would i totally expect from some European late night TV show. I'm assuming his name would be "Mr. Pennis The Menace".  He kinda reminds of a sick, twisted and perverted version of that WB frog that sings and dances. Best part of the drawing/picture is that hes wearing roller blades aka fruit boots and if you look closely they're definitely Nike blades. So That means Pennis here is fashionable up to date. I'm also a fan of his red tie and monocle, its like hes formal but hes also here party.
Artist: Unknown
Location: New York, Portland and Europe