Sunday, 20 July 2008

Zipper Rippers

First and foremost, Id like you to go check out my good friend Martin Stewart's blog called Gutter Magic. We just did a blog Collab for both our blogs. so go check it out! Now on with the cock art! What we have here is either a ancient sea beast/dinosaur or a look into the future of evolution. Either way it scares the fuck out of me. Imagine a ocean full of these prick predators, i myself would not like that at all. That is truly what nightmares are made of. This was submitted by a Nicholas Bua. Thank you very much sir.
Wow, this is a very racial and controversial piece of art here OR is it just the TRUTH. A definite long running myth though. How convenient that it was submitted by a azn.
This is what would i totally expect from some European late night TV show. I'm assuming his name would be "Mr. Pennis The Menace".  He kinda reminds of a sick, twisted and perverted version of that WB frog that sings and dances. Best part of the drawing/picture is that hes wearing roller blades aka fruit boots and if you look closely they're definitely Nike blades. So That means Pennis here is fashionable up to date. I'm also a fan of his red tie and monocle, its like hes formal but hes also here party.
Artist: Unknown
Location: New York, Portland and Europe