Friday, 7 November 2008

Call The Office part 1

Its been a long fucking time since i last updated this! I had almost forgot i even had this blog anymore. So pretty much I've been busy with the whole tour business and haven't been finding any new cock art at clubs/bars/bathrooms, Until about 3 days ago in London, Ontario aka Canada. It was all at this venue called "Call The Office". I have so many photos, i cant add them all at once. So I'm gonna do the this in series of post. Here is the first batch, the first picture pretty much explains the venue...
A swastika in cock form with 4 dudes sucking on it. That's all i got to say about this picture. I don't really wanna ruin it with some stupid ass joke. So just suck it in for all its beauty and enjoy!
A poorly drawn cock man with a great side titty coming from the left.  I, myself wanted to add some cum/semen/jizz/man sauce squirting from the tip and landing on that firm tittay. But i didn't wanna ruin both pieces with my additions, cause i know if some asshole added to my be pissed.
This was placed perfectly above the toilet about head height and i was pretty offended. It made me actually look down at my dick to make sure it wasn't that small and puny. I was pleasantly surprised that i wasn't that petite, but not far from it. 
First off, This picture is being cut off by a mirror now. I'm assuming at one point in life it was not covered and ruined. I mean seriously a fucking schlong cumming bacon and a omelet! Once again only in my dreams could i be gifted with such a super power. The ability to jizz up my breakfast. Imagine waking up with morning wood and tossing up a J O session and shooting out bacon and a omelet onto a plate. Only problem is the pain of cumming those tasty treats. Hopefully the super power would include painless ejaculation or else it would be the most painful thing ever, but after the pain you'd have a amazing breakfast.

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