Thursday, 4 December 2008

Call The Office part 2

Well here's another part of the "Call The Office" series. That club was dick heaven for sure. But anyways, I'm not gonna type to much about each individual picture. Ill just let you use your imagination and make up your own funny descriptions. Now introducing the beef.

"Now that's a dick" other sentence could describe this any better.
Pretty self explanatory i must say. Its "SubmaPenis"
This is a repeat offender..."Dickasaurus Rex", my friend Amanda submitted one like this months ago. But it was drawn on a bathroom wall last time. Its now showing up on a couch arm. He had a friend drawn by him named "Tri-ceracocks". You will be blessed with that piece on a later post.

Artist: Unknown
Location: London, Ontario @ Call the office

1 comment:

Yeah Right! said...

hey, tony from cto here. ran into ken last weekend in san diego and he told me about this blog. what is it about putting 5 dudes in a van and making them drive across the country that makes them want to draw cocks everywhere as soon as they get out of the van?
anyway, good pics of the door, you missed out on the fridge, i'll send you some pics. i painted the walls black in the band room because there was just no room for more dicks. btw, the first pic (the dick surfboarding horsedude) is now permanently embbeded in ink in someone from montreal's skin. i'll try and get a picture of that for you too.